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Why Buy Calendars? Advantages of Personalised Calendars

A calendar in an office of workplace is not only decorative, but is referred to many times as a planning aid or appointment recorder. Your calendars will accumulate many viewings in the twelve months your clients will use it, quite probably in excess of a thousand. With every viewing, your message is absorbed, your company`s products and services reinforced in your clients mind and your brand image is continually built upon.

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Distribute Calendars and Reach More Customers

The maths are simple. Distribute a hundred calendars. That could equate to a hundred thousand viewings of your advert by decision makers capable of making a substantial contribution to your turnover.

The targeting of your calendars is in your control, there is no wastage. Key people in the companies and organisations that are the life-blood of your business will be repeatedly absorbing your message.

Don`t forget that as well as working hard for you as a promotional tool, your calendar is a prestigious gift, letting your client know how valuable they are to you and your business, leaving them with an impression of quality and capability.

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Benefits of using Calendars for your Business

There are a number of ways calendars can benefit your business, including:

  • A Personalised Calendar Communicates and Reinforces
  • Key-client Oriented
  • Calendars have a constant message projection
  • All-year round presence
  • High number of accumulated viewings
  • Extremely low cost-per-view.